Commercial Insurance Solutions


We can help you navigate the troubled waters of products liability. We have carriers that will underwrite US products exposures as well as providing property coverage for US or foreign domiciled facilities with local, licenced insurance policies. This is one of our strongest classes.


Working at job sites presents some interesting challenges. Krause Edwards has insured many contractors for years and we can help you identify and address the pitfalls. We’ll make sure you’re protected as we have many insurers who are very aggressive in the contracting field. We have in-house power of attorney with several surety companies and can issue, stamp and sign surety bonds from our office.

Snow Resorts

We’ve been a leading insurer of snow resorts in Ontario, and now the Maritimes, for over 15 years. Many of the largest ski resorts rely on us to protect their property and liability exposures. Our team has extensive risk management expertise and will help you manage your on-hill and contractual exposures.


Since 2010, Krause Edwards has been the exclusive broker representing RecycleGuard®, the leading commercial insurance and risk management program in the recycling industry and the only one sponsored by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI). We know the risks associated with environmentally sensitive material management and premises liabilities that arise when you invite the public into your facility.

Financial and Professional Services

Directors and Officers Liability for Private of Public corporations is not a problem for us. We will design a program that protects Directors and Officers as well as the corporate entity. We also place a great deal of Professional and Errors and Omissions Liability and are contracted with Canada’s strongest insurers in the class. We can help review agreements you have with others to address what contractual liabilities you have so we can deal with them. We transfer this risk, by contract, to the insurer so you can provide advocacy to your clients with confidence and relative impunity.

Real Estate

We can provide insights and solutions to clients with significant real estate portfolios. Premises exposures are everywhere and, if you have real estate holdings, you must carefully examine the processes you have surrounding maintenance, care and general risk management of those properties. We can help you identify vulnerable areas before the claim arises.


Franchisors and other companies with multiple locations also have some unique challenges. We insure some large franchise groups and can help you address issues related to warehousing, transportation, retail and general / professional liability risks unique to your business. We have some proven strategies that help you make the most of your insurance policies.



Our experience with Krause Edwards has been exceptional. They have really taken the time to familiarize themselves with, and understand, our business in order to provide us with the best insurance program to suit our needs. We are so appreciative of their efficient, professional and very personalized service.  

Kristen Douglas
General Counsel
Blue Mountain Resorts Limited